Q: How does the Oyster live parties work?

A:  It's really simple, Just make your purchase from our Shop. You will be added to the line-up of our next Facebook Live Show. Follow & Like our Page so you can be immediately notified when we go Live! Once Live, just tune in and join in on the fun! When your name is called, your Treasures will be revealed!!  We will mail out your purchase with-in 2 business days and email you with the tracking information.

Q: Are your pearls real?

A: Yes our pearls are real. They are cultured freshwater pearls.

Q: What does cultured pearls mean?

A: Cultured pearls are the main way pearls are grown today. Our oysters are cultured with the tissue of high quality oysters. The tissue is used as the irritant that starts the pearl growing process. They purposely use high quality oyster tissue because it increases the likelihood that the pearl  created will be of high quality. Asian countries have been cultivating pearls for over 100 years. It takes a highly skilled oyster farmer with surgical precision to implant the host oyster as to not kill it. After the oysters are implanted with the tissue from a prize oyster, they are then tended to and cared for for at least 2-6 years and pearls can measure up to 17mm . The pearls are then carefully harvested and the oyster may be implanted to grow pearls 1-4 times in its lifetime. 

Q: What is the difference between Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls?

A: Akoya pearls come from Akoya oysters that live in saltwater. They are a very high luster pearl known for their round shape. They can range in price and are quite expensive. Freshwater pearls come from freshwater oysters. Most of the worlds freshwater oysters and pearls come from Asia. Freshwater pearls range in price and are the most affordable. Fun Fact: There are only 2 Freshwater farmers in the United States and they do not sell their oysters with pearls in them. 


Q: What type of pearls are in the Akoya oysters we see on live pearl parties?

​A: All Akoya Oysters that you see opened online are inserted with freshwater pearls. There are no Akoya pearl farmers who sell their oysters with pearls inside of them. Some sellers doing these pearl party shows are ignorant of this or are purposely misleading their customers. It takes very little effort to research and confirm this. 

Q: How do pearls get their color?

​A: All Pearls that are vibrant colors are dyed. They are removed from the oyster and placed in a dye bath. how much color a pearl absorbs from the dye depends on many factors and also depends on the pearl itself therefore no 2 pearls will ever be the same. dying pearls in this manner has been common practice for hundreds of years and happens to most pearls today. Some pearls are not dyed. Those natural colors range from whites, pinks, creams, peach, lavender. The only non-dyed black pearls that exist are Tahitian Pearls. 


Q: Where do we get our oysters from?

​A: Our oysters are imported from China. China is one of the worlds leading pearl farmers and provider of freshwater pearls. The company we receive our pearls from is well established and good at what they do. All of our pearls are grade AAA which is the highest grade possible. 

If you have any questions about anything at all, Please feel free to send us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.   Just fill out the boxes below.